“Experiment, fail, learn, repeat” 

This is what defines me best.

Born in France in 1981, I grew up with a father, passionated and publicised astronomer but also with photography.

Not interested at first, and because of a different path taken, I came into photography in 2012, driven by a need of illustrating social events in video game industry (mainly Playstation France) for bloggers, then in the cinema industry, on my own.

Continuously learning and improving my photography as my post-processing knowledges and skills, my path crossed the collective Le Nouvel Automobiliste (former The Automobilist), in 2016.

In order to illustrate car reviews as automotive events such as reveal or competition, they asked me to join them. The same thing happened later and in parallel with La Revue Automobile.

After creating my company FabLe Photography in 2017, I had the privilege to work in parallel for clients such as Ford France, McLaren Paris and lately Peugeot France.